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As a special feature of this year’s course we can offer you an additional brand new designed 3D printed model with perfusion by the Australian company FUSETEC ( for dissection. It was developed by Prof. Wormald and FUSETEC and just became available for this year’s masterclass.

This extra model is offered in addition to the sinus models we will dissect.I’m 


With this extra model you can practice:

  • a transseptal/transphenoidal approach to the sellar region

  • practice a CSF leak closure 

  • removal of a pituitary adenoma

  • management of a carotid artery bleeding

If you are interested in practicing your surgical skills with this additional “Pituitary Model” you can purchase it for an extra of 300 euros (plus transfer fees). As production requires time, we will need your confirmation until August 27th.

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