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Prof. Matteo Trimarchi

He has carried out training at various institutions in Italy and abroad (including S. Thomas Hospital and Guy’s Hospital in London, the Department of Anatomy at Harvard University in Boston, the Department of Otolaryngology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital at the University College in London). He is actively involved in several areas of research, and has a particular interest in pathologies and endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinus, and the study of tumours and granulomatous lesions of the head and neck. Of special interest are the results from studies on midline destructive lesions from cocaine abuse and on lacrimal surgery. He has authored 100 peer-reviewed articles in national and international journals, 5 book chapters, and participated in creation of a data storage system for patient data and images for neoplasms of the sinonasal tract (NSNT ver 1.0). Since 2002 to 2022, he  carried more then 6000 head and neck interventions, 5000 of which as the lead surgeon.   

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